Building Futures, One Day at a Time
Our Mission

The Mission of the Hilljack House is to provide a safe and supportive environment in which people recovering from drug and/or alcohol addiction can learn to live responsibly through sponsorship and the principles of recovery.


In 1997 Hilljack House was established in south St. Louis, with the goal of providing supportive sober apartment living for those trying to overcome substance addictions. The house was established in response to a need evident within the recovery community. The founding board members realized that there was a need for more housing for those already demonstrating signs of sobriety.

After the first men’s house opened on S. Grand in 1998, a second house for men opened in 2003. A third, for women, was opened in 2009.

Hilljack House has the capacity to house 25 individuals. Over the last 15 years, Hilljack House has served over 150 people, many of whom are in recovery from addiction and rebuilding their lives and their families. Several alumni are current members of the board.